⦁ High image quality: Professional Jenoptik image quality, based on real measured colors by use of color-co-site sampling & microscanning, Perfect color reproduction by use of spectrally measured sensors.
⦁ Versatility: Cross-platform compatible for WIN, MAC & Linux, Identical GUI across WIN, MAC & Linux platform, Suitable for all microscope brands. Free SDK available, Twain, Direct X® and 3rd party software support.
⦁ Ease of use: User-friendly and intuitive microscope camera software, Optimized workflows, Live-image optimized, all features in real time, all the time, Time-saving and easy installation.
⦁ Stability: USB 3.0 camera interface, Secure investment: long-lasting & reliable hardware, Secure investment: long-term software support & operating system compatibility.

Fields of Application
⦁ Life & medical science: Pathology, Cell biology, Oncology, Neuroscience, Entomology, Plant Biology, Dentistry, Fluorescence, Cell culture, Ophthalmology, and more…
⦁ Material science: Geology & environmental science, Sample preparation, Art conservation and natural resource science, and more…
⦁ Industry & manufacturing: Medical device production, Automotive & transportation, Quality control, Metals & machine engineering, Watch making industry, Semiconductor & microelectronics, Manufacturing, and more…
⦁ Education: Life science, Earth science, Material science Forensic.


Find the most suitable JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® microscope camera for
your specific microscope system and application:


– Back illuminated color cameras
– Back illuminated monochrome cameras
– Software, tutorial, documentation & application


Easy to use, workflow-optimized JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® image analysis software


Save 20% off the recommended retail price.
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Your camera performance doesn’t fit to your daily challenges anymore?
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Software and 3:d party compatible software:
Easy to use, workflow-optimized JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® image analysis software