Image Pro


Image-Pro is a multipurpose image analysis software platform that delivers intuitive tools that make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze and share your images and valuable data. Add one or more of the Image-pro modules to expand the functionality of the platform to match your needs.
It is used in various applications in industrial and biological studies for both 2D and 3D analyses. If coupled to a camera, it will control the imaging and analyses in a flow.
Image-Pro SMART Technology will obtain results accurate and easily without complexity.


The system can be customized further by creating APPS to streamline your work and develop your own macro to standardize and automate your analysis.
Image Pro is available as a free Trial copy which can be downloaded.
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Tutorials and Webinars about Image Pro will provide assistance in different applications and tasks:
Tutorials and Webinars



AutoQuant X3 is today’s most complete package of 2D and 3D restoration algorithms available. Simply deconvolve your image sets and visualize them in time, Z, and channel, and analyze all parameters within the same, easy to use application.


The best known and most trusted deconvolution package is now the most affordable GPU based platform on the market. Utilizing the Graphics Processing Unit rather than the Central Processing Unit, allows users to experience the same quality results in only a fraction of the time. Batch processing of many images stacks are available.


Autoquant is available as a free Trial copy which can be downloaded.
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VisiView® is a high performance imaging software from Visitron Systems GmbH for BioImaging applications. It is specially designed to meet the needs for high speed image acquisition and processing and analyses with ease of use. The software controls complex automated microscopes and microscope equipment in combination with multidimensional acquisition and analysis. Its multitasking ability supports simultaneous image acquisition and analysis. The VisiView® software represents the philosophy of simple operation and seamless integration of applied standards.


VisiView® software can be used as an easy to use capture application for documentation. Visitron also manufactures and integrates dedicated imaging systems with cutting edge features for applications for RatioImaging, FRET, FRAP, Confocal microscopy.


Download of VisisView® brochure:
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LED Illumination Systems for fluorescence and transmitted illumination

CoolLED designs and manufactures cutting edge LED Illumination Systems for researchers and clinicians using the latest LED technology




The state-of-the-art USB 3.0 microscope camera range JENOPTIK GRYPHAX®, specifically designed for microscopy, is based on JENOPTIK’s true-color know-how and spectrally measured sensors. As a pioneer in the application of Microscanning and Color-co-site-sampling technology, JENOPTIK has continuously developed and perfected this technology, which was established in the early 90s. The result is an amazing true color reproduction of the microscope images that sets the benchmark.
The flagship microscope camera JENOPTIK GRYPHAX® PROKYON delivers real measured colors – absolutely true to the original.
For over 30 years now, JENOPTIK imaging competence has made the full power of any microscope system visible.








Environmental Control



LCI develops and manufactures the total solution for Live Cell Imaging

LCI is one of the world’s bio leading manufactures of high quality products and technology in bio-instrument, and specialized in bio-technology for live cell imaging system and bio-consumables as a global leading company.

LCI’s products are dedicated to experiments of live cell imaging:

  • Bio-instrument including Customized Microscopy system
  • Stage-top Incubator system
  • Anti-vibration platform
  • Environmental control system
  • Heating glass and plate
  • Imaging chambers

Microscope heaters


Digital Pixel designs and produces the first and only fan free, pipe free, vibration free whole microscope incubation chamber system available for most imaging systems.

  • Stage top incubation with extended temperature control.
  • Drysophila heating and cooling system.
  • Objective heaters, gas control and heater/cooler systems complete the range.

Zeiss, Leica, Nikon and Olympus, PicoQuant Abberior, Cairn Research, 3i, with Super Resolution, Light Sheet, Confocal and Single Molecule Imaging modalities all utilize their advanced technology.

VisiScope Confocal


Real-Time Confocal for wide field of view, improved image quality and high speed live cell imaging
The VisiScope-Real-Time Confocal System can be either based on Yokogawa CSU-X1 or CSU-W1 scan head.

CSU-W1 Confocal Scanner


  • Wide and clear
  • Near Infrared (NIR) Port: Up to 785nm
  • 3 configurations: 1-camera model, 2-camera model, split-view model
  • New bright field path (Standard)
  • Selectable pinhole size:  25 pinhole disk, 50 pinhole disk or double disk

VS-Homogenizer for CSU-X1

Improve Uniformity

The Visitron Systems GmbH “VS-Homogenizer” optics are designed to enhance the laser illumination of spinning disc confocal CSU-X1. This optical component can be easily added to already installed CSU-X1 confocal scan heads. The existing functionality of the original CSU confocal head remains.


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